About Us

FusionSleep®formerly Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic, was founded in late 2005. Having had decades of experience in the sleep field, the founders were convinced that sleep medicine should be delivered differently than was the norm in the United States. The Company opened its first Sleep Medicine Clinic and Center in Johns Creek, Georgia by January 2006. After offering its services to the local public and physician communities, it quickly developed a strong patient referral stream that continues to grow.

FusionSleep® continued to expand its clinical practice through 2007, and expanded its full daytime Sleep Medicine Clinic in Johns Creek in October that year. The new clinic, staffed by Sleep Medicine trained physicians, nurse practitioners, and the dental sleep medicine program, allowed for continually improving patient services focused on enduring long term therapy success.

FusionSleep® offers a comprehensive approach for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in adults and children using the latest technology and therapeutic options. Our board certified sleep specialists are nationally recognized experts who provide the highest quality of sleep medicine care available in the Atlanta area.