Is Your School Bus Driver a Risk to Your Children?

Does your child ride the school bus? Check out Dr. Rosenberg’s latest article with the Huffington Post to find out how sleep impacts drivers each day:

imgSchoolBus resized 600Over 480,000 school buses travel the nation’s roads every day. Twenty-six million children, more than half the nation’s school-aged population, rely on the bus to transport them to and from school. Drivers must be patient, focused, and alert to safely transport children each day.

In early December, 17-year-old Emmanuel Williams had to rouse a snoozing 65-year-old bus driver during an afternoon commute in Tacoma Hills, Wa. From his view in the second row seat, Williams first noticed the driver slowly closing his eyes and nodding off before approaching turns. When the bus started heading off the road, Williams jumped from his seat to wake up the sleeping driver.

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