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Welcome to the press room for FusionSleep®, formerly Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic. Medical director Dr. Michael Lacey and CEO Dr. Russell Rosenberg regularly contribute to health stories for ABC World News, NBC Nightly News, National Public Radio, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and local Atlanta media. These sleep medicine experts hope to educate the general public about sleep disorders, sleep statistics, sleep problems, and sleep studies. For press inquiries, please email

rsz_r-technology-sleep-large570Is Technology Addiction Wrecking our Sleep?

“People can get too physiologically excited by these activities — gaming especially — prior to bedtime, and will do it for hours on end,” explained Russell Rosenberg, Ph.D, a US-based sleep specialist who is Chairman of the Board of the National Sleep Foundation and a blogger for HuffPost US.

jet_planeHow to Sleep Well When Traveling

With about six out of every ten Americans planning a getaway this year, it is important to maintain a regular, healthy sleep schedule no matter the location. Regardless of your destination, simple preparations for a good night’s sleep can head off any disturbance in your usual sleep schedule.

rsz_rosenberg2Sleep Week on 11Alive: How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you have a TV in your bedroom? It’s okay, as long as you don’t use it to fall asleep or use it when you can’t sleep in the middle of the night. That’s just one piece of advice for getting a good night’s sleep from Dr. Russell Rosenberg of the Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic.

Sleep Week on 11Alive: Teen Sleep Needs


“These days of sort of hypercommunication with Facebook and Twitter and texting and so forth, along with the other increased workload, staying up later for school, talking with your friends, that sort of thing, teenagers often get to sleep very late,” said Dr. Michael Lacey with the Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic

Sleep Week on 11Alive: Drowsy Driving


“Between 100,000-200,000 motor vehicle accidents per year can be attributed just to sleepy drivers and somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 deaths on America’s roads,” says Dr. Russell Rosenberg, CEO of the Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic.

Sleep Week on 11Alive: Sleep Apnea


“Sleep Apnea defined means the complete stoppage or sensation of air flow, usually in the form of obstruction sleep apnea when the air collapses so much that no air is moving,” said Dr. Michael Lacey with Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic. “Then the pattern will start all over again.”

How To Stay Awake at Work


Since twenty percent of the American workforce is comprised of shift workers, many employees are struggling through their overnight shifts. CNN International reporter Ralitsa Vassileva interviewed Dr. Russell Rosenberg to discuss overnight shift workers and how to stay awake on the job.

Snooze News: Get Nine Hours of Sleep Each Night


When you’re short on sleep, your body isn’t as efficient at processing carbs and turning them into glycogen, which is the fuel you use for energy to play. “You may run out of steam early, compared to when you’re well-rested,” says Dr. Michael Lacey, medical director at Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic.

FAA Responds to Sleep Deprived Air Traffic Controllers


“It should be no surprise to the FAA that people are sleeping on the job when they’ve been left alone in a tower at night,” said Dr.Russell Rosenberg, the director of the Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic. “In fact, I spoke with a Delta pilot who said this is something that’s been going on for a long time.”

5 Ways the Time Change May Affect Your Health

Woman Stretching in Bed with a Man Sleeping Beside Her

In a culture where we are constantly being told we need more sleep, the start of daylight saving time piles another hour per person onto the national sleep debt.

“We’re already a highly sleep-deprived society,” Rosenberg said. “We can ill afford to lose one more hour of sleep.”

Not Getting Enough Sleep? Turn Off the Technology


“Unfortunately, cell phones and computers, which make our lives more productive and enjoyable, may be abused to the point that they contribute to getting less sleep at night leaving millions of Americans functioning poorly the next day,” Russell Rosenberg, the vice chairman of the Washington DC-based National Sleep Foundation (NSF), said in a statement.

Atlanta Sleep Research Center Conducts Study on Drowsy Driving


Dr. Michael Lacey, a board-certified sleep specialist and neurologist who directs the Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic treats many patients who admit to dozing while driving. “Many of my patients admit to drowsy driving, often resulting in serious accidents.

Why Sleeping on the Job Can be a Good Thing


Poor sleep habits are likely affecting your business — and its bottom line. Rosenberg says the sleep survey “supports the link between sleep and workplace performance, and shows that inadequate sleep is a primary factor in poor job performance.”

Conrad Murray Case


Discussing the Conrad Murray case with host Ryan Smith, Dr. Michael Lacey outlined the correct way to treat individuals with sleeping disorders and the possible side effects from treatment.

Effects of Time Change on Sleep


“When we fall back in autumn, our body’s circadian rhythm – what determines when we are sleepy and when we are alert – must reset itself,” said Dr. Russell Rosenberg, CEO of the Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic and Vice Chair of the National Sleep Foundation.

Driving While Sleepy More Common and Deadly Than Thought


According to Dr. Michael Lacey, the medical director of the Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic, fatigue can have a real impact on the brain. When the body expects to sleep, it releases chemicals like melatonin and when a person is forced to stay awake, the work the brain is doing to fight those chemicals leaves them in a fog.

To Sleep, Perchance To Slim


During the radio segment, Dr. Lacey & Science Friday host Ira Flatow discussed a new study that suggests too little sleep impairs weight loss. Dr. Lacey was also able to take questions from tweets & callers on a variety of sleep topics. A podcast of the segment is available.

Legislation Targets Drowsy Driving


“In a busy, 24/7 society, sleep can be expensive,” said Russell Rosenberg, vice chair of the National Sleep Foundation. “Not sleeping is even more expensive, when you consider the number of accidents on our roads due to drowsy drivers.”

Georgia’s First Driving Simulator Arrives at Atlanta Sleep
Medicine Clinic


The Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic recently acquired a driving simulator to test new sleep medications during clinical trials. The clinic is the only accredited sleep disorders center in Georgia to house a driving simulator.

Inceptioninspires dream analysis


Inception now has people wondering about multi-layered dreams and other concepts from the movie. Dr. Russell Rosenberg sat down with NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams to shed some light on what happens when we shut our eyes.

Is it Real or Just a Dream


The science fiction thriller Inception by producer/director Christopher Nolan has moviegoers fascinated and confused about concepts such as multi-layered dreams and “totems” and limbo. We talked to Dr. Russell Rosenberg, director of Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic, about some of the ideas explored in the movie in order to find out what’s real and what’s not.

Spring forward! Americans lose an hour of much needed sleep


Most Americans need the hour of sleep they’ll lose this weekend when clocks jump forward. Close to 70 million Americans are lacking proper sleep. Almost one-third get less than seven hours of rest a night. Lack of sleep can lead to irritability, depression, weight gain and diabetes.

5 Ways Lack of Sleep Could Kill You


A recent study says, as many as 70 million Americans are lacking proper sleep. Almost one-third get less than seven hours of sleep per night. But
the problem can be more serious than just puffy eyes. Sleep deprivation can actually kill you.

The Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic Receives Accreditation from the
American Academy of Sleep Medicine


The Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic, founded by sleep medicine expert, Dr. Russell Rosenberg and directed by Board Certified Sleep Specialist, Michael Lacey, M.D., has been granted program accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

You say you’re tired? Join the club


Has the summer vacation pep in your step turned into a downtrodden drag? Are you red-eyed, groggy and yawning before lunch? Then you may be suffering from a back-to-school sleep disorder known as parental exhaustion.

Parents Lose Sleep Too When Students Begin School, Says Atlanta
Sleep Medicine Clinic


With school starting soon, parents and children should begin transitioning
to an earlier sleep schedule to avoid losing sleep with an earlier wake time. Successfully transitioning sleeping patterns will help students be mentally alert and ready to learn by the first day of school.

Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic Views Representative Henry Waxman’s
Denial of Restless Leg Syndrome as a Sign of General Lack of Awareness of the
Sleep Disorder


Patients and physicians familiar with the symptoms of and treatments for Restless Leg Syndrome respond to Rep. Henry Waxman’s denial of the sleep disorder. Waxman’s statements also bring to light the overall lack of awareness about the disease among Americans.